A Singing Waltz

Your singing voice awakens sweet memories of nostalgia

As you hold me comfortingly on this sunny day

My worries and fears melt into your arms

As tears that were held back for too long

I won’t lie—I want to stay like this forever


Lazily snoozing away, I drift away into my dreams

In my dream, we dance a waltz together under the lights of thousands

But we don’t care, we don’t care

As long as I have your voice to guide my steps,

I’m sure we will be able to overcome anything


Still, I was too selfish,

I depended on you too much,

So that I overlooked your fears


The day your words became tears

The day your smiles turned to frowns

The day you stopped singing

Was the day I became lost


In my dream, our waltz is rudely interrupted under a blanket of darkness

But we care, we care now

Your voice fades away to silence

Locked away in the depths of your heart

Without you, I stumble, I trip, I fall

The tears threaten to return, but

Seeing your pain hurts even more

What can I do?


The day I started to sing with all my might

The day you started to listen

The day we came together

Our voices joined as one

Let’s not close ourselves off to pain

Let’s share it together so the burden isn’t too heavy

With you by my side and I by yours,

We can overcome and write our own song

As we sing along to the tune of life