It’s kind of hard to believe, but I recently realized how a voice can move you in so many ways. A voice can be soft or loud. Coarse or silky. Lilting or rough. Whimsical or plain. I could go on and on, but voices are as diverse as people. Voices are a vocal part of the personality that aches to be heard. Unfortunately, at times we fail to listen and turn away from the voices that call to us. They plea to be listened to. Is it ignorance? Is it due to deafness or turning a blind eye? I want to listen, but too many voices rise into a cacophony of sounds. Voices can be overwhelming and you cringe as these voices cause you to obey to their whims. The pressure is on.

But I believe there is at least one voice for everyone. One that you may not have even noticed or dreamed that you would listen to. You seek comfort and a safe respite in this unexpected voice. Whether it sings to you, laughs with you, or simply speaks to you, it can be the most wonderful thing in the world. The voice may act as a guide leading you through treacherous obstacles. It wants to help you and genuinely cares for your well-being. But most importantly, the voice may understand you like no one else. Even if it doesn’t at first, this voice strives to comprehend its listener. It may lack some skills and qualities, it may be too brash and assuming at times, and it may even hurt you at times, but no one is perfect.

A voice can be just as great as receiving love for the first time. It can serve as a beacon of light. On the other hand, I must admit, a voice can lead you astray and be just as malicious as the devil. However, I want to believe we are all guided by voices that may be full of honest mistakes but works to make you feel like heaven.


My Voice

My voice is silenced at once to the roar of an opposing crowd. My own thoughts are torn away from me at the shock of your cruelty. You chase away my voice and deaden my thoughts. In a world of a billion voices, I can’t back down in being heard–cause out of all these voices, many are silent, many are struggling, and others just don’t know what to say. I want to be one of the voices to be heard. I’m quiet, I know, but I still have plenty to say. Locked in my heart grows grievances, sentiments, and thoughts that I can’t stop. I need an outlet–a conduit to release everything. That is why I write.


Your voice first caught my attention as I walked down my path of memories. It wasn’t too deep or lilting. Neither harsh or soft. It was a voice that could lull me to sleep, but also comfort me in my most depressing days. Your voice feels secure, warm as if I’ve returned to my mother’s womb–a safe haven that alone can protect me from the dangers of this cynical and scrutinizing world. But that same voice offers advice and intellect to take on tomorrow.

I close my eyes shut when tears threaten to fall, when I’m tired of seeing, and when I want to disappear. But your voice sends warm shivers throughout my body and I recall the original affinity I felt from it. My emotions from that time resurge and energize me. It’s wonderful and I feel safe, better yet, I feel loved and wanted. This voice won’t hurt me, won’t judge me, and won’t shun me–I open my eyes.