Sweet Tooth

Her tooth ached with the prospect of savoring the sweets displayed on the store front. The girl stood off awkwardly to the side nervously rocking back and forth. She observed people revolving in and out of the store carrying with them such things as a candy apple or a sprinkled cinnamon cookie. A bittersweet sigh escaped the girl’s lips as she watched wistfully from afar.

After some time of debate, the girl proceeded to ignore her hesitations and set off to enter the shop after a young couple. Once she stepped foot into the shop, she nearly fell to her knees. The soft accented colours of the sweets store were whimsical at best. The air wafted with the scent of baked goods and a motherly atmosphere. There was only one worker to be seen–a male clerk behind the register.

He greeted each customer with a ambiguous smile and a soft brush of his black hair. His demeanor overall was welcoming and affable, but the girl felt strangely intimidated. She would’ve scurried out of the store if it hadn’t been for the presence of an awaiting customer behind her. The poor girl had only the choice to simmer in anxiety and wait for her turn.

To distract herself, she peered into the display cases to pick out what to buy. Although it was futile, as she already had her eyes set on one particular catch–a magnificent pastel parfait. It was gloriously decorated with strips of milk chocolate, creamy strawberry pudding, cinnamon cookie crumbles, and whipped creamed with a cherry rightfully on top. The rainbow sprinkles was an added bonus.

The girl was so beside herself that she didn’t realize her turn had come until the black-haired clerk inquired about her choice. She nearly forgot herself as she locked eyes with him. He was sweet and warm just like everything in this store. His responding smile at her anxious demeanor washed away her fears and she pointed out the pastel parfait.

As she left the store sampling her long-awaited parfait, her tooth ached more than ever. However, she was beyond a care.