A Silent Wish

I hold so many lost dreams and wishes in my heart that the poor organ doesn’t know what to do with it anymore. In the end, all it can do is ferociously pump the little dream and wish remnants along with my blood throughout my body. It’s fuel. It’s passion. It’s a merciless drug that feels so good you take more and more only to hit a crash when things turn sour or the world turns against you.

I wish for my dreams to never die and for my wishes to keep traveling across the Milky way along the stars’ pale river. I want my voice to be heard and yet I can’t speak for my dreams remain locked inside my body with my heart as its main provider. But one day I want my story to be heard so I can help others like me struggling in a society that seems to have forgotten their own dreams that remain trapped in a decrepit voiceless machine.

But first I must help myself before I bare the strength and wisdom to help others. I need to surpass my own inner demons and focus on my own silent wish locked inside my heart. It’s the only thing that hasn’t find its way out. It is confused and lost just as so many others on the place we call Earth. Where or what is the key to my wish? Just what is my wish that remains in bittersweet silence.