Roaring Currents

I close my heart once again to the beat pounding against my soul.

I lack the understanding to make out these unrestricted feelings

It’s a broken faucet I can’t control

I drown beneath my misinterpreted convictions

The memories and sentiments carry me under

The roaring currents drag me along

I cling to my false hopes burdened by my insecurities

I want to be yours, I want to stay

But I’m dragged down into the cold depths of reality

Let’s be honest, we see in color

But the world perceived is in black and white

We can say things like

“I like you just the way you are…there’s no need to change”

Forgive me, but that doesn’t apply to me

I feel alienated and lost in a dispassionate society

My revival comes at the cost of my closed heart

Touched by the words and souls of strangers—my heart takes a peek

Countless melodies carry the zealous sentiments of people just like me…no us…

Reverberations bounced back and forth across the world

Creating a burst of color filled with unidentified but connected hope

My heart releases itself

With music as my life preserver,

the waters calm as I swim in a sea of new memories of hope and compassion