Resolutions? Anyone?

I want to try to focus and explore 6 areas this year. I hope to improve in all and possibly find myself as I’ve felt lost and confused lately.

Spiritual: Yes, I do want to try and read and understand the Bible better. I want to be able to pray more and follow my parents lead. TB Joshua will help a lot for this.

Languages: I want to be more diligent in language learning, specifically Japanese and Korean. Try to explore new areas! Pen pals? Friends? Travel? Also, try European languages, specifically Scandinavian (Swedish).

Writing: Try to get better at writing and try writing different genres and things. Maybe shoot for a blog, too?

Medical: For college, my parents really want me to go do something in the medical field, but I’m still not sure…although, there are a lot of interesting careers.

Exercise: Try to be more active and healthy in general. Lose weight, you pig! Dance, pilates, a sport–do something! But don’t push yourself and no unhealthy habits ( no anorexia or bulimia or whatever–no matter how much you want to lose weight!)

Music: Ok, so why not try to explore music a bit more? I’ve looked at my past things from a few years back and my dream/future career was music (surprised me, too). I’ve started to try to write lyrics/lyrical stories and it would be nice to combine fluency (future) in other languages with my lyrics. Explore and try out things new and old!