Dear Internet

Why I decided to join the Internet and how I failed at it.


Hello, internet and how are you? I doubt anyone is actually reading this amid the sea of webpages here on WordPress especially since I’m new but I’ll write anyway. I wanted to make a site to write and upload my work for others to see and be entertained by or critique or perhaps just hate on. It’s up to you. I write poems with some desperately trying hard to sound like lyrics just in case I can put them to music one day but unfortunately I’m no producer nor do I know a thing about music. Still, despite my ignorance, I still want to improve my writing and share it with others who may be impacted hopefully in a positive way to my messages or may even relate.

But I’m socially introverted and really awkward in situations that require me to act as a properly well-adjusted human being in this society of ours so forgive me if my work on the internet is lacking. I severely am lacking in the outside world so I felt that the internet would be a better refuge for someone like me. Perhaps.

Anyways, do you want to know more about me? I’m almost sure you don’t but I will say I’m female between high school and young adult age who loves reading, writing, sleeping, and eating sweets. I am religious (sorry atheists, but I send my love to you anyway) and believe that God will smite me anytime for my incompetence as a human being. I’m pretty naive as well though I’m not sure my writing reflects it.

Also, this post is way to long. If you read this far then great job! You may actually be interested in me. Thank you for checking out my site and my work. Please enjoy.