Connection Rejection

I hated the mirror

And it hatted me

I hated this barrier

And it hated me

I hated feeling inferior

But it embraced me

I felt safe within its interior

Until you came along


At first only indifference

A simple detached greeting

Blank stares of apathy

There was no understanding

Too different for empathy

But we were just scared of rejection

If we tried to form a connection


Truthfully, I wanted to know you

Your voice, your interactions with others, your habits

All interested me, but was it true?

My trust in you crumbled to bits

It wasn’t true—none of it was true

Why did you lie?


At first only indifference

A simple detached greeting

Blanks stares of apathy

There was no understanding

Too different for empathy

But we were just scared of rejection

If we tried to form a connection


Don’t be so superficial

Surrendering to their words and lies

Becoming so artificial

Acting as a product of society’s ways

The media has turn you into their vessel

But I will believe in you until the end

I want to believe in you


Was it for protection?

Against yourself?

Against the competition?

I think I understand

I won’t be unkind

But I won’t remain








At last there’s no indifference

A complex warm greeting

Glances void of apathy

There was some understanding

Too different so we tried empathy

We were just afraid of dejection

When we formed our connection







Why Am I Like This?

This town is decorated with so many colours

Hues and pigments that cover the skin

I was too lost that I had to give in

Thinking black and white wasn’t a sin


In this white-splashed society, I feel my incompetence

Cursing my coal-burnt skin in repentance

Why am I like this?

Why are we like this?

I wander the streets contemplating my existence


Snow continues to fall and fall pointlessly

The soft paleness floats soundlessly

Tying me to another white day

Facing you again makes me delay

Your snow-stained skin marks my inferiority

I’m left intimidated seeking to hide away

In a fetal position remains insecurity


I’m a complete fool thinking I could be loved

Just like coffee needs sugar to not be hated

I fail to have any such sweetness to be shared

Bitter and dark can’t be saved

But I wish for that sweetness

I wish for that paleness

I wish I wasn’t just darkness


In this white-splashed society, I feel my incompetence

Cursing my coal-burnt skin in repentance

Why is it like this? Why am I like this?

Why are we like this?

I wander the streets contemplating my existence


Night arrives, the snow shower continues

Penetrating a shallow darkness

Wandering the streets eating an Oreo

Tossing the pale creaminess

Only darkens the scenario

Is this really okay?


Loneliness creeps up like a shadow

And the tears only follow

Hope was too much to swallow

I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready

Reluctantly I had to agree

That it was okay


In this white-splashed society, I feel my incompetence

Cursing my coal-burnt skin in repentance

Why did I accept it?

Why do we accept it?

I wander the streets contemplating our existence



The Little Alien

Lately, I’ve felt lonely. Do you know that saying—”I’m surrounded by so many people, but I feel like the most loneliest person in the world”? I share that feeling right now. On top of that, my complex is back in full force. I don’t know what to do. I want to discuss this with someone, but there’s no one. Not my family, not “friends”, and strangers will think I’m weird. Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and friends, but I can’t talk about it with them. Only in this journal I can freely say what I want without being judged or receiving empty advice.

Once again I stand at the mirror

If only things could be clearer

But the sunlight never reaches me

Only leaving me all the more inferior

This suffocating complex remains a barrier
Standing below others who were blessed with superiority

Smothers me until I can’t breath

This haze eats away any clarity

This pain similar to pulling out teeth

This loneliness that consumes my identity

Who am I? What am I?


A lonely alien holds a belief

I’m not human, she says in relief

Never will I reach their level, so why continue to try?

Resolving to uphold that complex, she continues to cry

She wants to be strong and happy

But it still throbs with painful scrutiny


Faking a laugh, faking a smile

I sing a false song all the while

I want to be like you

But I want to be me, too

This is the life I drew


It seems as if I’ve made a mistake

Of misguided actions in a lost world

I don’t have to be like this

But like a shell with one opening—I’m hollow

Only to be filled with more and more lies

Confusion and pain sets in


A lonely alien holds a belief

I was never human, she cries in disbelief

I will never ever reach the skies

Even if I try and try, for me it’s all lies

She continues to believe in that complex

She wants to be strong and happy

But only pain and loneliness reply


Faking a laugh, faking a smile

I sing a false song all the while

I want to be like you

But I want to be me, too

This is the life I drew

A life not worth it to continue

(Edit: It says journal in the beginning of the entry because this along with most of my poems on here were written between September of 2015 to the end of 2016).

Love Tangent

Hello, it has been a while and I’m sorry for that. I tried writing a set of lyrics just now, but I’m stuck. I have an idea in my head, but I’m not sure how to write it out. Has it been too long? Or is it writer’s block? I know I suck, but I wish to be decent at something. But it’s either laziness or sleepiness that gets me either way and I’m sick of it, especially with the latter. I just want to sleep, but I have to do this—I can’t give up. Plus, stupid school work hinders me from taking a nap or having decent sleep (…capitalism…).

Alright, ignore that last bit. The topic of my lyrics that I wanted to explore is love. How original! But seriously, I wanted to tell the story of never being in love before. I’m not sure if I’ve had a proper crush (maybe 2? But how am I sure…both were years ago). Since I’ve never been in love before, how do I know, as the youngsters say these days, when I’ve “fallen head over heels” for someone? I really don’t know and I’m confused. Is this admiration even love? Is love admiration? What’s the definition of love? Better yet, what feelings and actions are associated with love? I could go on.

I mean, we have all these songs about love and I look at the lyrics, but I’m still as clueless and nonplussed as ever. What is it that people actually want? Sometimes conflicting. For example, one artist can weave together such a wonderful love story, but then claims to not want a relationship right now. It almost seems the artist’s lyrics tell another story entirely. We all want to be loved and love others in turn, but do we truly know what that is? Or how to do that? Am I just full of it? Am I a hypocrite? Probably (sigh), I don’t know. I mean I’ve written about love before, but I have no experience with it besides family-based love. I’m talking about the romantic love that supposedly makes your heart beat fast, makes you act quite stupid, makes you think about that “special” someone 24/7, etc. Don’t worry, I’m not aromantic (although, maybe demiromantic??). I definitely want a boyfriend and the husband one day. Due to watching romantic-comedies and listening to love songs has caused me to be in a somewhat love-wanting mood. But then my complex rears its ugly head in my face and sneers, “No one will ever love you like that, so don’t bother. Just drown in love songs and movies—that’s the closest you will get to love.”

Yup, pretty accurate. Still, I want to search for love. I want to understand what it is. Maybe I should dissect it? Should I take out my scientist goggles and gloves? Perhaps I should just wait and see? I’m too indecisive and hesitant, not to mention that my complex is riding on my back. Although, what I do know is that this did (hopefully) help me with my lyrics. We will see. “Always write from experience,” someone once said. But on whose experience? Mine, yours, his, hers? Can I write and convey to others words, lyrics, phrases, etc. that some can not do for one reason or another? I hope…I hope….geez, I think too much.










Accepting My Complex

So, hello. It has been a few days. We are on Spring Break now, so I’ve been relaxing and neglecting my work and writing in this journal. Forgive me. Anyways, I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know), but I’ve come to a resolution. I’m just going to accept my inferiority complex. It’s just so much easier. I’ve been fighting it for a while now…well, actually for years.

Apparently, according to my mom, it may have started all the way back in kindergarten (so 5? 6 years old?). It seems I would ask for questions like, “Why isn’t my skin like that? Why isn’t my hair like that?” And here I thought it started in middle school (7th grade to be exact), but now it seems that about 2/3 of my life has been taken up by this complex and now with my insecurities are just the garnish.

I may have written about this more in my previous journal but I’m trying to be more upbeat and good-natured in this journal (I guess?). But please allow me to indulge in some negative emotions and thoughts from time to time since there is no way I can be content all the time (I wish). I mean what about you? Do you have any issues? Complexes? Insecurities? Doubts? Et cetera. I feel like besides me, no one or really I wish no one had any problems such as these since I don’t believe they should feel that way. Only I should feel this or that.

Honestly, I’m just tired. Tired of fighting it. Tired of deluding myself into thinking, “Oh, if I just lose weight I will be and feel prettier,” “If my skin was paler, would feel better about myself,” or “If my hair was longer and if I was shorter, I would feel beautiful,” etc.etc. Really? Even if I somehow managed to accomplish any or all of this I would feel like complete and utter trash, so what’s the point? It’s better this way, right?

This inferiority complex of mine is just something I should just learn to live with. I’m not saying I will get rid of it…to many things come natural to me:

~Comparing myself to people

~Not looking in the mirror properly

~Hating to take photos of myself (God. Just. No.)

~Putting myself down (Negative. Negative. Negative.)

~Knowing I’m just a burden

~Knowing my destiny is just to die (Question is when?)

~Knowing no matter what—I’m ugly, I’m inadequate, I’m a pig, I’m…. etc.etc.

Seriously, the list could go on and on, but I will stop for your sake and mine. It’s just so instinctual that it’s hard to give up. It’s like asking a sugar addict to give up sweets (I’m looking at you, Gintoki). My complex is now a habit which I can’t break…at least not easily or by myself. What to do but just accept it. I’m fatigued with battling it, so I accept it now to live with until I die.

But isn’t that just the same as giving up? Well, whatever. I may update you on how this acceptance is going. Now, as for my insecurities…do they tie into my complex (Most likely) or should I accept them separately? Let’s see…