Giving up on Love

How do you give up love? I want to give up my love for someone. I’m not good enough to love that person. Just anyone else could do it but me.

And I’ve been hurt, please take responsibility.

To give up love is harder than it sounds. Even when you feel disconnected and detached, there’s a fleeting hope that it will be okay and that things will work out. To give up on love is harder than it sounds. Even when you don’t receive that love back the way you want it or how you want it. Love is too hard to give up.

The connection was already established as seen as I lied eyes on you…okay, that’s a lie, it took a while to build up to a level of trust, friendship, love…

I want that moment to happen again…so that I can make sure that we never cross paths.

Love hurts too much to give away. What kind of philosophy is that? But some of us abide by it, actually we unwillingly submit to it. It’s easier to keep on loving someone than to suddenly give up on love.