Eternal Rain

Sprinkling rain greets me outside this secluded building

It’s a cold shower of serendipity filled with blessings

How is it that rain can comfort me, but not people?

With that repetition, I become drenched at a standstill

This world can be cruel, but don’t forget about the people beside you

Don’t forget where you’re from

Don’t forget how far you’ve come

Don’t forget you who are

Don’t be blinded by all those stars

Don’t lose who you are

And don’t hate your scars

This rain only greets us with an empty pitter patter

Apathetic to our scattered existence

Serendipity arrives to ease the matter

Our spring begins in resistance

As this life goes on, its easier to lose ourselves

What is it that we truly want?

What is it that we really need?

Selfish desires and wishes that stab us in the end

Forces us to pretend and pretend

We lost sight of what we should treasure

And trashed people we should’ve never measured

Is it too late? Too late to escape this rain?

This rain only greets us with an empty pitter patter

Mocking our scattered existence

Serendipity tried to ease the matter

Our autumn begins a cleanse

Don’t cry, don’t worry

There’s always a sun for tomorrow

Don’t fret, don’t wail

Things like love, hope, and dreams are never lost

They always come back with some cost

But you just have to let the rain pass

This rain passes into snow

Melting kisses on my nose and toes

Serendipity arrived gifted in love

As memories of early Spring rain echo from above