Dear Singers

Songs claim to understand me, and yeah, I won’t disagree that they do. But the singers behind the songs…can they truly comprehend us?

At the end of the day, they have everything: looks, charms, talent, and a fan-base that even God would envy. Fans screams and roars as they enter the stage clings to their bodies changing into fuel for them to rock the performance.

Songs about break-up, unrequited love, hardships, and haters. Don’t screw with me. Call me cynical, but besides the haters and hardships, I can’t take you seriously. There’s no way you can understand the vast majority of us waiting to be loved. Waiting to be called beautiful. Waiting for a compassion that won’t come.

You singers are the whole package, so what do you know about us? About me?

Dear singers,

Stop being pretenders. You are too ethereal to comprehend the world you left behind.

Sincerely, Yours truly.