Crying After Thoughts

I just had a good cry. I was doing my homework when I felt a sudden urge to cry. I waited until I finished to lay down and just cry. I’m now listening to Standing Egg’s Nobody Knows (a Korean Indie group). The song pretty much matches my sentiments right now…


I’m sick of myself, but when have I EVER felt great about myself. I want to lose weight, I want to have semi-long hair, I want to be a bit lighter in color, I want this, I want that.

God, shut up! You’re such a…

I can’t write it down, but I will think it and plenty more. Don’t be so material…

Questions that may never be answered:

  • What good am I?
  • Why am I still here?
  • Why am I cold all the time?
  • Why have I been like this since the beginning?
  • Will I ever be the me I want?