Christmas Wish

Bright and playful lights remind me once again Christmas has come.

It gives me a little present each time I step out the door.

Evergreens, frost, jingles, and carols are a welcome,

but quickly forgotten surprise.

I’ve been so busy that I’ve properly forgot how  to celebrate Christmas.

Others, too, when I look, are bustling along with their lives–

Caught in a stream of everyday worries, responsibilities, and stresses.

Frustrated, I try to remember a lost Christmas–

The smell of spiced cocoa wakes me up from my reverie

Peppermint stings my nose

As falling snowflakes give me shy winks

It’s cold outside, but my spirit is warm this season

The end of the year is upon us

But already we forget to take it slow

For the sake of our families, friends, and ourselves–

We need to remember the serene nature of the season,

Be grateful and reminisce

Asking me my Christmas wish one starry night, I answer–

Truthfully, I don’t know…

Snow? Presents? World peace?

Honestly, as long as we are happy, then I’m content


Let’s drink cocoa by a warm fire and daydream of

The perfect Christmas

Snowflakes will greet us by the window

While our body heat keeps our spirits warm

During a cold season where we even forget ourselves