Incomplete World

Let’s get together and travel around the world

Surely the truth can be discarded

So let’s journey to places not covered

I want the world once again to be loved

But only lies are recovered


The world is a disillusion

That results from a twisted delusion

To find truths remains our mission

We want to feel love again


Incomplete Love

I swore off love after our break up

Closed hearts, closed minds

I guess are easier to find

Empty words, empty stares

I guess is how it’s supposed to be

Is this how love is supposed to feel like?


I greet the orange-canvased morning

Lethargically I go running

Chasing after a nameless passion

How far can I keep going?

How more can I keep loving?

In this world without compassion


I didn’t understand what love was

Was it warm? Was it sweet?

Incomplete Galaxy

Another night with the stars gleam

In a Milky Way of butter cream

Within a child’s dream

Chocolate chips shoot across the sky

In a sketch of the galaxy


Sitting in  a world that’s lost all flavor

Bitterness is the only thing we savor

A lone girl wishes it to be over

Tasting once again the sweetness

The princess becomes a sweet menace


Nibbling on a parfait

She waits by the bay


Ominous Snow

The first snowfall was met with a bitter apprehension I couldn’t place. It was innocent enough—pure and white twinkling as it parted with the sky. I observed it by the windowsill holding my warm cocoa and listening to my I-pod. Still, I couldn’t help but feel unsettled by the sudden event. It was too innocuous.

Shivering, I moved to place my drink on the side table beside me only to spill it on the floor. I stared despondently at the slowly spreading liquid as I became aware of the sudden thumping of the snow outside. It grew louder when I bent over to pick up the cup and the sound only grew to a brain-shattering screech that caused me to drop the cup again. Unnerved, I stood up fully and turned around.