The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

Great for me and any new and even more experienced bloggers.

Cristian Mihai

It’s Blogging Week here at Cristian Mihai blog (yeah, I don’t have a fancy name for my blog). We’ll talk about blogging, different tools that make blogging easier, and other stuff. The other stuff is mostly related to some of the do’s and don’t of blogging, what works and what doesn’t.

Everything you’re about to read is common sense. So, please, don’t expect some 3 step tutorial to gaining a billion followers.

And now for today’s post. 7 Golden Rules of Blogging.

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A Silent Wish

I hold so many lost dreams and wishes in my heart that the poor organ doesn’t know what to do with it anymore. In the end, all it can do is ferociously pump the little dream and wish remnants along with my blood throughout my body. It’s fuel. It’s passion. It’s a merciless drug that feels so good you take more and more only to hit a crash when things turn sour or the world turns against you.

I wish for my dreams to never die and for my wishes to keep traveling across the Milky way along the stars’ pale river. I want my voice to be heard and yet I can’t speak for my dreams remain locked inside my body with my heart as its main provider. But one day I want my story to be heard so I can help others like me struggling in a society that seems to have forgotten their own dreams that remain trapped in a decrepit voiceless machine.

But first I must help myself before I bare the strength and wisdom to help others. I need to surpass my own inner demons and focus on my own silent wish locked inside my heart. It’s the only thing that hasn’t find its way out. It is confused and lost just as so many others on the place we call Earth. Where or what is the key to my wish? Just what is my wish that remains in bittersweet silence.

Dear Internet

Why I decided to join the Internet and how I failed at it.

Hello, internet and how are you? I doubt anyone is actually reading this amid the sea of webpages here on WordPress especially since I’m new but I’ll write anyway. I wanted to make a site to write and upload my work for others to see and be entertained by or critique or perhaps just hate on. It’s up to you. I write poems with some desperately trying hard to sound like lyrics just in case I can put them to music one day but unfortunately I’m no producer nor do I know a thing about music. Still, despite my ignorance, I still want to improve my writing and share it with others who may be impacted hopefully in a positive way to my messages or may even relate.

But I’m socially introverted and really awkward in situations that require me to act as a properly well-adjusted human being in this society of ours so forgive me if my work on the internet is lacking. I severely am lacking in the outside world so I felt that the internet would be a better refuge for someone like me. Perhaps.

Anyways, do you want to know more about me? I’m almost sure you don’t but I will say I’m female between high school and young adult age who loves reading, writing, sleeping, and eating sweets. I am religious (sorry atheists, but I send my love to you anyway) and believe that God will smite me anytime for my incompetence as a human being. I’m pretty naive as well though I’m not sure my writing reflects it.

Also, this post is way to long. If you read this far then great job! You may actually be interested in me. Thank you for checking out my site and my work. Please enjoy.

Our Great Leader (Satirical)

In a land far far away

Nestled in mountains against the sea

The people face a dilemma every day

The population was small, you see?

So what to do they cry in dismay

Until a leader arises to lead the way


First, he decided, no rules of restraint

The people let loose without a care

Times have changed, there’s not one complaint

Morals and ethics are based in the air

“Go on, make more! There’s no constraint!”

Their Great Leader roared with great fanfare

And so the population grew without despair


Years passed and the society grew

Wily kids play through greed’s misdeeds

The Great Leader returns, his benevolence anew

But now the people faced a new problem—STDs

What to do now but sue?

“Stop,” he says, “I will fix these bad seeds.”

Initiating an oppression to meet their needs


The people faced a new suppression

Torn apart by a reign of terror

Society slowly sank into depression

Chains was the superior

While freedom meant repression

Then came the genocide of submission


Isn’t this what they wanted?

A world with less?

Or a world more populated?

It’s all just a mess

Only unsatisfaction was fated

As soon as they mated


Once there was a land far far away

Nestled in mountains against the sea

The people faced a dilemma every day

And now they slave without delay

To a Great Leader of great propriety


Go Away

This is so frustrating

Why can’t you leave me alone?

This pain is aching

Emotions turn cold

While I suppress my love


I want to push you away

Push you away

But you appear day by day

Just please go away

Please go away

I want to remain sane this May

For today, just go away


Don’t touch me

It only hurts

Don’t look at me

That leave me out of sorts

Don’t compliment me

They are only lies that contorts

I will never trust you

I will never love you


I want to push you away

Push you away

But you appear day by day

But please go away

Please just go away

I want to be sane this May

For today, just go away


I hate you

For giving me a false hope

I hate you

For making me not cope

I hate you

For making me hang by a rope

I hate you, but I tried

Only to cry dreams that died


I want to push you away

Push you away

But you appear day by day

Just please go away

Please go away

I want to remain sane this May

For today, just go away

The Push and Pull Method

A day like any other day begins

Looking into the mirror, I combat myself with a funny face

As my body is attacked with needles and pins

I pick up my bag, step out the door, and start my race

Today’s the day I confess


Sweet like sugar, but cold as snow

Boy, you’ve got me confused

Your eyes as dark as night but your smile is as bright as day

You’ve created the perfect push and pull method

It leaves me frustrated

But why does my heart feel so invigorated?


A lost boy wishing to show love

But not knowing how to convey it

Unwillingly pushes others away

Only to selfishly pull them close again

“I don’t want to be hurt again,” he whispers

So his love withers away like dead leaves


Today was the day I was going to confess

But walking with you down the halls

I only see the you who’s full of pain

I finally understand why you couldn’t love

You were scared of the pain of loving another

I mustered up the courage to hold your freezing hand

To heal you heart one step at a time


A lost girl wishing to heal love

But not knowing how to alleviate pain

I clumsily push others away

Only to selfishly pull them close again

“I don’t want to be hurt again,” I whisper

So my love begins to grow like a sapling


The day I confessed was the day your heart started to heal

We are both lost in a world corrupted by love

But as we hold hands with each step

I feel us getting closer and closer

To finding the truth of love and pain


A lost boy and girl search for answers

But not knowing how to find them—

We push and pull until we find each other

“I don’t want to be hurt again,” we whisper to each other

So our love intertwines to create our own solution

The Little Cat With 9 Lives

Don’t think you can enter and leave the world as you please

Dying comes with a price

Please purchase your one way ticket at the tollbooth

And rendezvous at the terminus

Death is on the prowl


The little cat with 9 lives fights hard to survive

In a world ruled over by men

Squeezing tight corners, hiding in dark alleys

Is all it knows

Aching to be wanted, aching for the end

It patiently waits at the street corner


The 9 lives are a burden

Waiting to shed off my fur

(One signifies birth)

I don’t remember

(Two signifies innocence)

Something I’ve lost

(Three signifies dreams)

Never let them go

(Four signifies ignorance)

I was wrong

(Five signifies escape)

All I’ve done is run and run


The little cat with 9 lives runs hard to survive

In a world ruled over by man

Hissing away in tight corners, fighting in dark alleys

Is all it knows

Aching to be wanted, aching to be loved

It impatiently runs from the corner—

Straight into Death’s arms


The 9 lives are a burden

Waiting to shed my fur

(Six signifies loneliness)

The nights were long and cold

(Seven signifies healing)

I was found

(Eight signifies death)

A new beginning

(Nine signifies peace)

An eternal cat nap



The little cat that had 9 lives rests easily

In a world of its own

Chewing on catnip, lazily playing with mice

Is all it knows

It ached to be wanted, it ached for the end

Now the little cat with 9 lives dreams dreams on top of cloud 9