My Hope

Once again we meet by the window side. We stare pleasantly across the glass.

As usual you make faces as I laugh along with the beat of my earphones. Our

images connect in comprehension. But once again, it’s time for goodbyes. As

my music fades away, you fade along with it.


They say goodbyes are the start of a new beginning, but I believe we never ended.

I still hold a wish deep in my heart–a hope. My hope is that we will meet again. I’m

sure  of it as day turns to night. As sure as life and death. My hope continues to grow

as memories of you flood over our glass window. I may not have been able to hear.

You may not have been able to see. But I hope we will each be able to convey words

and images lost across that window side. Words and images that conveyed for the last

time a goodbye and you–my hope.


Author: AraiyaSnow

Just a blog about my musings and poetry from a complete and utter beginner trying to find her way in this insane world. My interests include language learning, anime, watching myself fail at life, and failing at writing. I love my music and sweets, too. But please enjoy my work and any critiques or comments on any of my poems and rants would be nice but please don't just hate. Thank you.

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