A Love Lost

We hold each other close to find our missing warmth

It seems too late

As we remain half submerged under the weight of the world

Why are we here?

How did it get to this?

We ask as our frozen hearts connect

Frozen in place, I shut myself off in a secluded corner—

Shutting out the false love of others

Thoughts change into confusion

Confusion changes into frustration as I claw at the inerasable memories of pain

Then you found me

Embracing until we can’t breath

Warmth fill these rusted cold bones

Our closed off hearts connect as one anxious to find another’s attraction

We are all beings seeking to love and be loved

Lost and confused, we ride along to the whims of the world

Helpless like leaves carried by the river’s currents

But it doesn’t have to be like this,

No, it shouldn’t be like this

Why do we feel at times that we are incapable of love

And of receiving love

When we ourselves have carried this sentiment in our hearts

Since the day we were born

It just lays huddled in a deep sleep within us all

Just waiting, waiting as we wait for the lost warmth

You found me submerged under the weight of the world

You, like I, was lost and confused

Seeking a missing warmth

In this world, we protectively embrace each other

Hoping to find a love lost to a numbing pain

It shouldn’t be like this, we shouldn’t be like this

Our hearts finally respond to the beacon of love


Author: AraiyaSnow

Just a blog about my musings and poetry from a complete and utter beginner trying to find her way in this insane world. My interests include language learning, anime, watching myself fail at life, and failing at writing. I love my music and sweets, too. But please enjoy my work and any critiques or comments on any of my poems and rants would be nice but please don't just hate. Thank you.

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